Monday, October 26, 2009

Generation Y's Clothing Savior in the Recession

I want to blog about how in today's economy crisis we the young people have a lot of stuff on our plates to worry about. For starters there is tuition,gas prices,car insurance,paying the interest on your credit card,loans etc; but one thing that has stood out to me is that we do not seem to be concerned about being well groomed for whatever season or reason thanks to affordable clothing apparel companies such as Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie&Fitch, and my favorite Aeropostale which was established in 1987 seems to be the year most of it's consumers were born j/k. I want to give them their credit were credit is due because in these hard times with all of the problems that I listed above plus more-the youth from middle school on up to college students have managed to stay well groomed with clothes ranging from $25-60 USD. Also what I find very interesting is that these companies cater to the different taste and styles of the youth whether its just the polo(18-23),plaid(17-19),graphic t shirt(14-18),or simple hipster/kind of simple look(40-60)it is all there for you. Last but not least these companies are always extending their employment opportunities to their consumers during today's rough times which is simple mathematics for a teen. Job in the store+discount= more clothes yay <3! Thanks to HCO,A&F,AE,and A87;)
Oh yeah I cant leave out Arizona and American Living Clothing sold at JC Penny's $20+ for shirts(button up,casual,plaid, and polo) 14.99 for jeans(boot cut,slim legs,etc;).

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